Order No. 2 dated 31 March 2023.

Acting Director of "Siroka Technology" Ltd.

Bozhokoyev E.Zh.


Regulations on rendering technical support services

Siroka Technology LLC



1.1 This Regulation establishes the procedure for providing technical support services to Customers, users of software and services of Siroka Technology LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Company).


1.2 Technical support is provided by the Company's Technical Support Department.


1.3 Technical support services are provided exclusively to the Company's Clients on the basis of valid Licence or Sublicence agreements.


1.4 Issues that cannot be solved using the existing functionality are transferred to the development department, where a decision is made on the possibility of releasing a corresponding update. The terms of the update release are determined in the process of problem diagnostics and in accordance with the general development plan.


1.5 The technical support service cannot guarantee the time of problem resolution, as the time of problem resolution may be influenced by various factors, for example, timeliness of user response, necessity of bench testing and software revision.


1.6 The response time is determined by the total workload of technical support specialists and may be shorter than the terms stated in the regulations. In some cases, issues may be resolved immediately after receiving additional information from users.


1.7 Technical support provides for different levels of service (clause 2 of these Regulations).


1.8 The Company has the right to unilaterally make changes to these Regulations with obligatory notification of users by publishing the new Regulations on the official website of the Company https://siroca.com/ .




2.1 The basis for performance of works on technical support is the following

Customer's request. Appeal is considered:

- appeal by phone: +996 755 97 98 05 or +996 312 97 98 05;

- an e-mail sent to the e-mail address: support@siroca.com;

- appeal to the Company's Telegram bot: @Siroca_Technology_bot

- filling out an application on the official website www.siroca.com in the "Technical Support" section.


2.2 Technical support is not provided by other means (WhatsApp, Skype and other messaging services), as well as by e-mail addresses other than those specified in these Regulations. Such means of communication shall be considered only as means of communication and general consultations.

Questions and appeals from other channels are not official appeals and are not registered in the Help Desk system.


2.3 Requests to the Technical Support Department are accepted 24/7 and are executed in the order of their receipt. Addresses with a higher level of criticality that require emergency intervention or consultation of the Technical Support Department specialists can be executed out of turn.


2.4 The appeals with criticality level No. 1 and No. 2 are executed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 24/7. Appeals with criticality level № 3 and № 4 - on working days (Monday - Friday) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Bishkek time.


2.5 Determining the level of criticality of the problem

Upon registration of a request, employees of the Company's Technical Support Department determine the degree of influence of the indicated problem on software operability, taking into account also the number of Software Users affected by the incident, and then assign the appropriate level of criticality to it.

Level 1 (critical) is assigned to:

- an incident that stops the Customer's critical business processes: an emergency situation in which the Software is completely inoperable or the majority of the Software functions are not executed.

Level #2 (high) is assigned to:

- an incident that reduces the functionality of the Customer's critical business processes: an emergency situation in which the Software functions partially or with low performance;

Level #3 (medium) is assigned to:

- an incident that causes a minor software operation error, but does not prohibit user access to the system: the Software is functional, Technical Consultation is required.

Level #4 (low) is assigned to:

- An incident that is essentially a request for a change, adjustment, or reporting in the Software. The software is not functioning properly, and the reporting functionality needs to be expanded

If there is more than one request at the same time, the requests with a higher level of criticality are considered first.


2.6 Response and reaction time to requests.

The average response time to the Appeal to the Technical Support Department from the moment of its receipt is 15 minutes.


Maximum time to resolve an incident according to the established level of criticality:

- Problem Resolution Time / Critical 1 hour

- Problem resolution time / High up to 8 hours

- Problem resolution time / Medium up to 2 working days

- Issue Resolution Time / Low up to 5 working days

In some cases, issues may be resolved almost immediately upon receipt of questions or additional information from the Customer. The reaction of the Technical Support Department staff to the receipt of additional information may be longer, but not longer than the maximum reaction time defined for the assigned (given) criticality level.

2.7 Software Updates

In case of detection of problems or emergencies, the solution of which requires immediate unscheduled software update, the Technical Support Department shall send a notification to the Customer's authorised persons.






3.1 The basis for providing technical support is an application of the User of the Company's software and services via the communication channels specified in these Regulations.

Technical support over the phone does not guarantee the solution of the problem at the moment of request (here and now), the User is consulted over the phone or the request is registered.


3.2 In the appeal must be accurately and competently formulated questions that require clarification, and describe the problems that require a solution. For more operative solution of questions, the appeal should include the following information:

- a description of the problem and a step-by-step description of actions to reproduce the problem (in as much detail as possible so that the Technical Support Department can reproduce it in a test environment);

- when creating an appeal or sending an appeal by e-mail, it is necessary to attach screenshots and graphical explanations that may help in solving the problem. Screenshots should be prepared in the following formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF;

- frequency of the problem occurrence;

- contact details, including phone number, e-mail address and full name of the responsible person of the User.


3.3 Communication between the User and an employee of the Technical Support Department must be correct, conforming to the generally accepted norms of etiquette and speech culture. Insults and obscene expressions are not allowed. In case of violation of this paragraph by an employee of the Technical Support Department, the User has the right to report the incident directly to the Head of the Technical Support Department.


3.4 The solution of the appeal issues may be delayed or even impossible for the following main reasons:


- The User cannot provide enough information to solve the problem.


- The issue requires detailed diagnostics, functional improvement and/or release of a software update.

software update.


- The user performs actions in violation of the technical requirements for using the system.


- The issue is beyond the scope of technical support.


3.5 If in the process of working on the request the Technical Support Department finds out that the problem is related to the product of a third-party manufacturer or supplier, the User is recommended to contact the technical support of the corresponding manufacturer or supplier.


3.6 Criteria for the end of processing of a technical support request.

Each case of processing a request sent to the Technical Support Department, depending on the level of complexity, ends with one of the following actions:

- The User is provided with information allowing to resolve the problem or describing possible ways of solving the problem;

- The User is informed that the problem is not related to the functioning of both client and server parts of the Software;

- The User is informed that the problem will be resolved in a future software update;

- The User fails to respond to repeated requests of the Technical Support Department within three working days; in this case the request is closed and no work is done on it.


3.7 A request is considered closed if:

After providing a comprehensive answer and/or performing the relevant work, the appeal is considered closed, and is in this state until receiving confirmation from the Customer about the solution of the problem, performance of other work. In case of the Client's reasoned disagreement with the completion of the request, the execution of work on the request continues.

A completed request is switched to the closed state after the Technical Support Department receives a confirmation from the Customer that the problem or issue has been resolved. In case of absence of response from the Customer with confirmation of problem or issue resolution within 24 hours, the request is considered closed.

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